8 Ways Architectural CAD Design And Drafting Services Help In Remodeling And Renovation Projects In 2023

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Top Architectural CAD drafting services providers play a vital role in making remodeling/ renovation projects more efficient, creative, and error-free. Addition or refurbishment work can be often tricky, one has to take decisions about what is to be retained from the existing structure and how to create the new portion to the satisfaction of the clients. The new and old parts should also go seamlessly together, experienced Architectural design and drafting services make this seemingly difficult task possible.

8 Ways Architectural CAD Design And Drafting Services Help In Remodeling And Renovation Projects In 2023

What is architectural drafting service?

Before understanding the relevance of drafting services in Remodeling and Renovation projects, let us first break down what architectural drafting services are in essence.
Architectural drafting service involves creating accurate and detailed technical drawings and plans for architectural projects. It includes creating 2D drawings, such as floor plans, elevations, and sections, that accurately represent the design intent and specifications. Architectural CAD drafting services are essential for communication, coordination, and documentation purposes throughout the entire architectural project lifecycle. Drafting services also include -

  • Paper to CAD Conversion Services
  • Point Cloud to 2D CAD Drafting/Drawings
  • Redline Markup
  • Sanitation, Storm Water & Sewerage Drawings
  • Construction Drawing Sets
  • Permit Drawings

God is in the Detail

Expert CAD drafting services vendors have excellent attention to detail. Intricate detailing is often the difference between a good and not-so-good project. Architectural CAD drafting uses tools and human expertise to incorporate finer details in order to bring the client’s vision to life. Executing the technical work with precision determines the direction the project will proceed.

Renovation/ remodeling- An expert’s job

Outsourcing drafting services to experienced vendors can help execute the project seamlessly, as they are essentially a team of skilled professionals specializing in handling different varieties of renovation jobs, like apartment renovations, kitchen/ bathroom renovations, adding new spaces to existing structures, joining apartments, removing or adding interior walls, storefront renovations, multi-family unit renovations, restaurant renovations, changing usage of areas, and so on.

How Architectural CAD design and drafting services help in remodeling/ renovation projects:

Architectural drafting plays a significant role in conveying the design intent and proposed changes along with critical structural details and placement and details of crucial architectural/ structural/ MEP and other elements. These are essential to ensure the flawless execution of a renovation project. Let’s have a brief look at some of the important drawings produced by architectural CAD drafting services for successful extension/ remodeling work.

  • As-built/Existing Conditions drawings

Before starting to work on a remodeling project, an architect must have an exact idea of the existing structure. This is mandatory into propose changes/ additions/ removals to develop a building that suits the client’s requirements and preferences. As-built drawings thus assume great significance in this context.

  • Site plan

Necessary to show the whole context of a building. It includes property boundaries, access to the site, nearby relevant structures, roads, parking spaces, and landscape. They also show drainage and sewer lines, water supply, and electrical cables.

  • Floor plans

Each floor plan showing a juxtaposition of spaces and architectural/ structural/ MEP/ fire safety details allows the architect to plan their modifications as per the present needs and requirements of the client/ owner.

  • Roof plans

A bird’s eye view from above the building shows the outline. It shows slope, drainage, and elements like chimneys, skylights, vents, etc.

  • Elevations

The elevation is a flat view of a building viewed from a particular side. These give the idea of the height and location of different elements.

  • Sections

Represent vertical planes cut through the structure. These give a good idea of the structure and relative heights and locations of different locations.

  • Landscape drawings

Landscape drawings are also very necessary for an efficient renovation project. These show the landscaping features and basic plans including contours, type and location of trees and plants, pathways, and architectural and electrical elements.

  • Construction documents

Remodeling projects may see some major changes in the structural arrangement of a building. Construction drawings thus assume great significance for an error-free execution.

Remodeling/ renovation projects can sometimes be complex and tricky, experienced Architectural CAD design and drafting services providers such as The AEC Associates can play an important role in making these projects more creative, mostly error-free, and very efficient. The above-mentioned drawings provide a clear existing structure and the proposed changes to bring the client’s dreams to reality.



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