5 Ways Autodesk Revit Modeling Services Are Utilized For MEP Coordination In 2023

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3 min readJun 29, 2023


Reputed providers of BIM Modeling Services like The AEC Associates can effectively identify the efforts of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) elements during the design development phase to make the planning efficient and keep the cost down. With all their experience, Revit MEP Modeling Services make sure that each discipline is aware of the exact locations of other installations during the modeling phase to avoid any clashes among these services. They perform this seemingly difficult job by making the latest versions of each MEP master plan available to each stakeholder in real-time.

What is Revit Modelling?

Before trying to understand the relevance of Revit in MEP coordination, let’s break down what Revit modeling is. Revit modeling refers to the process of creating a digital representation of a building or structure using Autodesk Revit software. Revit is a powerful Building Information Modeling (BIM) tool that enables architects, engineers, and designers to design, document, and visualize a project in a coordinated and collaborative manner.

Importance of Revit services:

MEP engineers are constantly engaged in addressing issues and accordingly updating their respective MEP schemes. BIM service providers come to their assistance by quickly updating the master model. They do the coordination a thorough system check for design interference or possible clashes on-site during installation. Trained drafters link, for example, the mechanical model to the plumbing model, and the designers have an opportunity to conduct a continuous survey of space allocation for MEP coordination check. This saves hassles and time wastage during the engineering stage.

How Revit drafting services help in MEP coordination:

  • Help take informed decisions

MEP BIM Services help you develop detailed HVAC plans for the design of the mechanical room for the facility. In addition, Revit, full of powerful features, enables all stakeholders to take accurate decisions based on correct information shared at the right time by the Revit model. This significantly improves building performance, comprehensive design visualization, and effective communication.

  • Effective collaboration

MEP design drafting is a potent tool that simplifies the structural model and ensures efficient functioning by leveraging the architectural model to lay out in detail all HVAC, pipework, and electrical systems. Modeling is done only where necessary, thus not overdoing it and saving time and money.

  • Clash and interference detection

It’s important to know industry standards relating to spacing and clearance requirements of critical equipment, fixtures, and elements while laying MEP floor planes. Revit assists you in maintaining these standards to create an entirely coordinated project. This goes a long way in preventing onsite construction problems. Interference Check Tool incorporated in Revit that can find intersections among elements in a model. This is very useful for enforcing coordination between disciplines and checking for interference between vital installation systems.

  • Optimized MEP systems for improved building performance

MEP coordination using Revit creates an information-rich model that helps engineers improve building performance. Not only are the design and construction stages handled efficiently with minimal errors, but this also proves very beneficial during operations and facilities management. The detailed models make it easy during maintenance and help keep maintenance expenses at a minimum. These models also prove very useful during renovation/ refurbishment projects.

  • Equally beneficial for renovation/ retrofit projects

Working with BIM Modeling services is very useful for new construction projects, however, it’s equally beneficial for planning a renovation or retrofit project. It’s possible now to capture the existing infrastructure quickly and very accurately. Revit MEP, as a result, can achieve improved energy efficiency and building performance through HVAC, electrical, and plumbing retrofits and updates. Revit drafting can deliver a fully coordinated and detailed MEP model for existing structures by capturing the existing landscapes like Point Cloud to Revit modeling.

Working closely with Revit Modeling Services will help you in ensuring an efficient MEP coordination that is essential for a facility to afford quality and convenience to the occupants and other users. Revit is a powerful tool that improves collaboration, helps stakeholders make informed decisions, improves energy efficiency and building performance, and ensures perfect MEP coordination during all stages of a building project.



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