5 Signs That Indicate Your Firm Needs CAD Outsourcing Services In 2022

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3 min readJul 5, 2022

One would often wonder why so many companies prefer associating with CAD outsourcing services providers. Expertise has become a necessity today- a norm rather than an exception, but the million-dollar question is whether a firm is ready to work with experienced vendors offering CAD outsourcing services, and more importantly, whether it needs to take this step at all. This is a pertinent question since despite outsourcing being quite a common phenomenon now, a lot of apprehensions and fears persist. Many old-timers still believe in getting the work done by their in-house teams, and consider working with unknown third-party vendors a risky proposition. Let us examine how valid these apprehensions are, and if your firm should think about partnering with reputed CAD outsourcing companies.

1. Struggle with quality

It’s never easy to assimilate a team of CAD experts as it multiplies expenses. The reputed CAD outsourcing services vendors, on the other hand, are a bunch of top professionals, each one specializing in a specific niche. They know their job thoroughly, having assimilated the experience by working on diverse projects, both large and small.

2. Struggle with accuracy and precision

In-house teams usually don’t have all the expertise or the experience necessary to be categorized as CAD experts, and it would be unrealistic to expect high standards from them. As a result, if the firm is struggling to maintain accuracy and precision in drawing and documentation, it’s a clear indication that it is time to think about outsourcing CAD jobs to external professionals soon. This critical need will be taken care of by these outsourcing vendors, given that they are thoroughly vetted by going through their portfolio of past work before handing over the project.

3. Inability or grappling to deliver to deadlines

Time is money, as they say. If a project is not delivered on time, it could be easily lost. In-house teams and regular employees may lack expertise or may be engaged in multiple tasks, rendering them pressed for time and/or unable to deliver on time. However, the aforementioned CAD outsourcing services vendors are usually located in different time zones, and work would continue even when the firm is closed for the day. They ensure a faster turn-around time if a schedule is given to them and regular follow-ups are in place.

4. Difficulty in meeting expenses

Having a big team and a large office space is often a burden on fixed costs and overall finances. Meeting the expenses involved, including salaries, perks, and operational expenses, would be a challenge keeping in mind the monthly or annual budget, without ever overshooting it. Outsourcing a CAD job is cost-effective since the cost of it is known beforehand and can be tweaked to fit into the budget plan well before the project is handed over. The operational costs, too, are drastically reduced since the need for a larger in-house team of experts and office space to house them is nullified.

5. Struggle to keep data safe

Data theft or leakage is always a big concern in the space of design, where professionals put in significant effort and time on projects and would not want someone else benefitting from their designs/work. Non-Disclosure Agreements/NDAs and other such legal agreements are a highlight when working with CAD outsourcing companies, which protect the rights of all parties involved. Also, a third-party vendor has little motivation to leak or disclose design information belonging to their clients, as they have their reputation to protect.

It is a must that firms carry out a thorough inquiry about the third-party vendor offering CAD outsourcing services and ensure that they have handled projects like this one before to ensure optimum quality of output. The above signs would give a fair indication if a firm needs the services to grow rapidly and make its mark in the industry.



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