3 Ways BIM Outsourcing Companies Employ BIM Modeling For Energy Analysis To Create Environment-friendly Buildings

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3 min readJul 29, 2021
3 Ways BIM Outsourcing Companies Employ BIM Modeling For Energy Analysis To Create Environment-friendly Buildings

With global warming becoming a real threat, it’s the need of the hour to make our buildings energy efficient and environment-friendly.

Experienced BIM outsourcing companies, through their expertise, play a vital role to help architects create energy efficient buildings with low carbon footprint.

The phenomena of greenhouse effect and global warming have already brought out significant changes to the environment, it’s imperative that we make our habitats more environment-friendly.

BIM outsourcing companies possess the technical know-how and specialization to play an important role in this context.

BIM Is a revolutionary technology that takes into account your day-to-day experience to help you change your habits, which allows you to make necessary adjustments to make your buildings more energy efficient.

Better Facilities Management:

Unlike traditional construction systems which are responsible for a building only till it’s handed over to the owners, BIM envelops the entire lifespan of a structure.

Studies show that our buildings consume more than fifty percent of the power generated globally, their energy consumption patterns naturally have great impact on the environment.

Having an exact idea about how well a building is going to perform after it’s commissioned and how well it’s expected to operate over time, the architects can ensure it doesn’t add to grave problem of air, water and sound pollution.

BIM Will Help You Make Your Buildings Energy Efficient:

You would have experienced that various objects and processes being used in a building have an impact on its performance.

The general and specific habits of the users/ inhabitants also influence their performance, especially in the case of high-rise buildings.

You can make buildings more energy efficient and environmentally conscious by constantly monitoring different aspects like energy and water usage, wastage/ contamination, material storage and management, and so on.

BIM offers many powerful tools to help you gauge the impact of all these aspects and improve their overall performance.

Energy Performance Analysis Using BIM:

· Helps assess performance of a new structure being designed

The process employed by BIM outsourcing companies uses coordinated, consistent information to help all the stakeholders involved in a project- architects, engineers, contractors and building owners — to see in advance what the end product would look like.

This model enables you to judge the expected overall performance of the proposed structure.

You can capture building geometry and characteristics using performance-built BIM solutions to conduct energy performance analysis in case of existing structures, too.

· Model for improving building’s energy efficiency

The building owners get energy efficiency suggestions and an overall model for conceptual building energy usage through BIM models.

You can thus work in coordination with them to improve efficiency in both proposed and existing structures.

· Gives multiple alternatives to designers

Having a comprehensive overview of a building project is necessary in order to reduce water and energy consumption.

BIM presents multiple ‘what-if’ scenarios using simple energy models to determine the optimum energy and water requirements of the proposed building.

You can regularly produce functionally superior, energy efficient buildings using BIM.

Energy analysis by BIM outsourcing companies can help you save nearly twenty-five percent on energy use in new buildings.

For retrofit or renovated buildings, the potential for energy savings is even greater since any sort of energy analysis system was never there.



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